New Re:Writing Survey
Tell us what you think of the new Re:Writing. We want to make our site work even better for students. Which resources are your favorites? What other new resources would you like to have? We'd love to hear from you. 1. * 2. * 3. * 4. * 5. How often do you use or recommend Re:Writing resources? 6. Please tell us which resources below are the most useful to you by ranking them from 1 to 5 (1 being most useful, 5 being least useful). Please select one number for each resource. *Each of the following resources is hyperlinked so that you can explore the content.
  1 (most useful) 2 3 4 5 (least useful)
Videos of real writers
AuthorLinks (information about well-known authors)
TopLinks (research links on various topics)
Tutorials for designing documents or presentation slides
The Bedford Bibliographer
Sample documents in design
Research & Documentation Online
Avoiding Plagiarism Tutorial
Andrea Lunsford’s Top Twenty
The Bedford Research Room
Diana Hacker's writing, grammar, and research exercises
Exercise Central
Diagnostics and study plans
7. * 8. * 9. We are considering developing the following new resources for Re:Writing. Which ones sound most useful to you (1 being very useful; 3 being not useful)?
  1 (very useful) 2 (useful) 3 (not useful)
Links to resources for business writing
Top Ten Sites Students Should Know
A tutorial about keeping a writing portfolio
Tutorials about writing arguments
Exercises about writing arguments
Tutorials about grammar topics
Videos that feature students
Videos that feature instructors
Videos that feature real-world writers
10. * We sometimes use instructor feedback in our promotional materials. Would it be ok for us to use yours?    11. * Would you like to sign up to receive e-mail updates about new products, reviewing, and special events hosted by Bedford/St. Martin's?
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