Illinois GIS Association - Call For Webinars
Share your current research or best practices in GIS with other colleagues throughout the State of Illinois with the new webinar series from ILGISA. Please submit your webinar for consideration in the form below.

This series will offer learning opportunities for ILGISA members in good standing.

Each submitted webinar will undergo a ranking and scrutiny by ILGISA Education Committee members to ensure relevant, timely and substantive webinars are made available to our members. Presenter Information * * * * * * Will there be any co-presenters? Webinar Information * * What level of knowledge is needed from the targeted audience? * * Category (Pick One)    Criteria
Not all submitted webinars will ultimately be approved for use by ILGISA membership. If your topic is not approved, suggestions will be given for improvement.

Webinars shall be free for members in good standing. Only active members of the ILGISA will be able to watch live webinars or view recorded webinars.

By submitting a webinar to ILGISA the presenter(s) are giving ILGISA perpetual license to reuse the content. It is the responsibility of the presenter(s) to ensure no material contains content protected by copyright. Presenter Requirements

Presenter(s) will have a microphone and be willing to work with ILGISA staff in testing, scripting, and verifying the webinar relative to content, technical issues and overall presentation of the webinar within 2-3 weeks of the scheduled event. This practice session or sessions will involve a projected one to two hours in developing the webinar to go live with the ILGISA membership. Thank you for your webinar proposal.