2016 Total Solutions Plus Evaluation



Thank you for joining us for Total Solutions Plus 2016. Your input in this brief evaluation is extremely valuable to the Planning Committee as they plan future meetings and ensure that we best serve your needs and interests. Rate the following items based on their influence in your decision to attend the event. Place 0 next to all items that had no influence.

  0 1 2 3 4 5
I was told I had to attend
Emails I received promoting the event
Event website
Social Media event promotions
Promotional materials received in the mail
PRESENTATION EVALUATION Please rate any presentations you attended on Monday, October 24:
  Did Not Attend Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
Keynote: Joe Calloway
Understanding ANSI A137.1 and How To Apply this to your Installation Projects: Mark Heinlein and Noah Chitty
Technology and Software for the Tile Industry: Michael Lovelace
Leading Employees of All Generations: David Berry
Ready To Get 'Floored' By All The Possibilities For Success?: James E. Dion
Distributors Forum
Electronic Document and Data Management Strategies: Chris Lupton
How to Avoid Confrontation with Change Orders: David Berry
Hiring and Retaining Employees and Strategies for Bringing a Younger Generation into the Tile Industry: Kathy Peterson
Please rate any presentations you attended on Tuesday, October 25:
  Did not Attend Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
Keynote: Ken Simonson
Risk as a Strategic Asset: Ryan Howsam
Design Trends: Feras Irikat
Project Management: Ryan Howsam
A Road Map to the 2016 Elections: What Small Business Leaders Should Know: David Wasserman, House Editor for The Cook Political Report
Keynote: David Okerlund
Panel: Industry Updates on Large Formats and Reduced Thickness Tiles
Please rate any social events that you attended:
  Did Not Attend Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
Board/Committee Member Reception
Golf Tournament
Canyon Hike
Canyon Bike
Aerial Tram
Jeep Adventure San Andreas Fault Line
Opening Reception
Monday Breakfast
El Paso Tasting Tour
Monday Awards Lunch
Table Top Reception
Tuesday Breakfast
Tuesday Lunch
Closing Reception
Sports Spectacular Theme Dinner and Dance
* How valuable do you find the Table Top event? * Would you like the Table Top event to continue in 2017? Were the exhibit areas staffed by people prepared to effectively explain their products and/or services? Did you feel the exhibit hours were: VENUE EVALUATION Please rate the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa
  Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
Meeting Facilities
Food & Beverage
Convenience & Amenities
Hotel Staff
OVERALL EVALUATION * Please rate Total Solutions Plus 2016: What did you like best about Total Solutions Plus 2016?    What did you like least about Total Solutions Plus 2016?    When considering the value of your time and cost to attend the conference, did your overall conference experience meet or exceed your expectations?    If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, please select the three primary reasons for answering Yes.    If you answered "No" to question 2, please check all areas that did not meet your expectations    Please identify areas where the conference can be improved for next year. Select all that apply    Do you plan to attend the 2017 Total Solutions Plus, November 4-7, at the Marriott Washington Wardman Park?    Check all of the following that describe you:    Select all of the Association(s) of which you are a member: Would you like to be a part of the Conference planning process for future years? If so, please provide your name and contact information.