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Every business owner knows that all employees are constantly talking about where they work, who they work with and for, and where they really want to work. A wise director wants to know what is on the employees' minds, their attitude and commitment, and general atmosphere in the company corridors. Specially designed employee surveys, or employee satisfaction quesstionnaires, serve well for this purpose.

A well-prepared employee survey can help diagnose issues and overall organizational climate, focus on specific aspects of a person's job, anticipate potential problems, assess teamwork and management style problems, measure the effects of organizational change, and much more. An employee survey often accompanies specific initiatives: strategic planning, TQM, a move to teams, the balanced scorecard and the like. In these respects and many others, the benefits of good feedback from the staff are difficult to overestimate.

CreateSurvey offers professional employee survey software for conducting web surveys. To do it, create a survey with just a simple browser and provide a link to it from your web site (or embed the survey into the site itself). While respondents visit the questionnaire and complete it, their responses are available to you for monitoring and analysis 24 hours a day.

Intuitive interface, quick and easy publishing method, and prepared survey templates make the task even easier.

Sample 1. Employee evaluation survey helps to understand what they think of the company:

Sample 2. Employee satisfaction survey - are they really happy to work here?

Sample 3. Teamwork evaluation survey reveals organizational atmosphere:

How CreateSurvey helps:

  • Quick templates - create your survey in a minute using prepared survey templates
  • Easy interafce - no advanced computer skills required to build even a complex survey!
  • Real-time results - view results instantly as respondents submit them
  • Downloadable results - export your results sheet into an MS Excel, SPSS, StarOffice/OpenOffice, or similar file
  • Your individual needs anywhere, anytime - custom survey programming services for pro subscribers
  • Much more!

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