Create Survey Software Features: Detailed List

Account and Surveys

No Hidden Fees
Your monthly subscription price is a flat-rate that includes all features available in your subscription type, at no additional cost. You are not charged per-response, or for using specific features.
Secure Access (HTTPS)
HTTPS protocol can be used to access account and publish surveys
Survey Templates
Prepared survey templates covering all standard tasks, such as evaluating customer satisfaction, website visitor feedback, etc.

Question Types

Multiple Choice - Drop-down List
Select a single item from a list of response options, only one of which is displayed on the page from a drop down list (useful for large lists like countries)
Multiple Choice - Single Answer
Select a single item from a list of response options, all of which are displayed on the page as a group of radio buttons, (useful for small lists like gender, age group etc).
Multiple Choice - Multiple Answer
Select multiple items from the list of response options, all of which are displayed on the page as check boxes.
Open-ended Quesiton, (Single Input Line)
Enter a single line of text, (e.g. name, e-mail)
Open-ended Question, (Edit Box)
Enter several lines of text into a box, (e.g. comment, opinion, address)
"Other" Field, (open-ended question)
Attach a text field to a single or multiple choice question, (open-ended response type), e.g. add "Other, please specify:" at the end of response options.
Date question
Add date questions. You can ask for a particular date (e.g. date of birth), month or year. Respondents can set the date by choosing from a calendar widget. Various international date formats are supported.
File Upload Dialog
Allows respondents to attach files, (photos, documents, etc) to their response.
Text comments that can be added between questions for explanatory purposes, to display survey instructions and suchlike.
You can add raw HTML to your survey in order to add formatting or JavaScript that is not (yet) available in CreateSurvey
Choose between answers to multiple questions grouped in a table - in this case, response options may be either check boxes or a radio button group, (this type of question is useful for getting responses in relation to complex issues, e.g. levels or satisfaction with different products).
Tablex (3D Matrix)
Answers to a number of types of question can be grouped in a table according to the topic that they relate to.

Online Survey Design

Create Survey From Scratch
Put together surveys entirely on your own without using templates - in this case, a blank survey will be created
Survey Cloning
Copy and edit previously created surveys.
Use Multiple Pages
Split large surveys into several pages, (for convenience or logical grouping)
Survey Branching
The facility to pose new questions according to the respondent's answers to previous questions, thus allowing several different scenarios for the same survey.
Add images and photos to survey
Survey Logo
Add logo to the survey header
Advanced Formatting
Format the survey using fonts, styles, headings, and other features.
Raw HTML Code
Add custom HTML code to any part of your survey.
Survey Skins
Choose between several prepared survey layouts. Section 508 compliant
Formatting With Full Range of HTML Markup
Ability to use HTML tags to format the survey text layout
Required Questions
Marking question as required for answer by the respondent (such questions are marked by red asterisk); the respondent will not be able to submit the survey unless all the required questions have been answered.
Non-English Languages Support
CreateSurvey uses Unicode internally to store and display all data. Therefore, you can use virtually any language for surveys and responses.
Standard Questions Library
Use built-in library of common question features such as rating scales, country lists, assortments, etc, and create library sets of your own

Survey Deployment

Respondent Redirection
Redirect the respondent to a custom URL once the survey is completed (usually your home page)
Survey URL Availability
Obtain the unique online survey URL so you can email it to the sample of respondents or publish it on the web
Survey HTML Code Availability
Obtain the survey's HTML code ready to be embedded into your website to create a standalone survey page
Sending Out Email Invitations
Send out invitations to participate in the survey employing the CreateSurvey mailing engine
Sending Out Follow-Ups
Send out follow-ups or reminders to those who ignored the original invitation
Custom Survey Invitations
Use custom text in the invitation message
Editing Survey After Deployment
Ability to correct misspellings and typos even if the survey is running. In some cases, even more corrections are possible without breaking the existing stats.
Password-Protected Surveys
Give the password to your focus group so that casual or unwanted surfers cannot enter the survey
Notification Of Survey Completion By Email
You get an e-mail in your inbox each time a new respondent completes the survey
Repetitive Responses Handling
You can choose how to handle recurrent responses from the same respondent: ignore, allow or overwrite previous response


Online Graphic Reports
View summary reports with graphs
Online Detailed Reports
View a detailed report on each participant
Real-Time Reports
All reports are real-time and reflect all the submitted responses
Custom User-Defined Reports
Reports with multiple user-defined conditional filters and layout options. Can be saved for further reuse.
Downloadable (Offline) Reports
Download your survey reports for offline viewing and/or processing
Reports in Microsoft Excel Format (XLS)
Download your survey reports directly into Microsoft Excel
Reports in CSV Format, (For MS Excel Or SPSS)
Download your survey reports in the comma-separated file format
Cross-Tabulated Reports, (split by question)
Split results by a particular question and compare results. For example, if you have a gender-related question you can compare responses entered by men with those entered by women.
Cross-Tabulated Reports, (split by date)
Split results by a time period. If your survey gets responses for a long time, you can compare summaries by day, week, month and so on.
Filtering Reports by Date
See survey reports filtered by date, (starting and ending points)
Public Reports
You can set any report you create to be accessible by anyone. Thus you can share survey results with any web surfer who receives the report link. Using the custom report facility it is possible to hide sensitive information such as the respondent's personal data, leaving public summaries only.
Password-Protected Reports
Any survey report can be protected with a password. Thus you can share results with a number of authorized people by providing them with the report URL and password. The survey below is protected with "DEMO123" as a password, (remember to omit quotes):
Show/Hide Particular Question Data
Exclude or include responses to particular questions in the public statistics (usually to exclude sensitive or anonymous information that you do not want to display to other respondents or casual surfers)
Deletion of Individual Responses
If necessary, you can delete individual responses from the database


Email Support
Available 24×7×365, and we are usually able to get back to you within one business day, (1-3 hours in most cases).
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