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Internet surveys are becoming more and more popular. This is undoubtedly the most cost effective and fastest method of distributing a survey to a large focus group, be it customers, clients, partners, web site visitors, product or service testers, etc. CreateSurvey is an online survey software you can use for 14 days - absolutely free. Our free survey software allows you to run one-time survey for evaluation, and learn more about online surveying as well.

Sample Surveys:

Sample 1. Typical customer profile survey:

Sample 2. A new product concept test form for a group of testers:

Sample 3. Survey analysis report:

How CreateSurvey helps:

  • Quick templates - create your survey in a minute using prepared survey templates
  • Easy interafce - no advanced computer skills required to build even a complex survey!
  • Real-time results - view results instantly as respondents submit them
  • Downloadable results - export your results sheet into an MS Excel, SPSS, StarOffice/OpenOffice, or similar file
  • Your individual needs anywhere, anytime - custom survey programming services for pro subscribers
  • Much more!

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