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Plan Starter Personal Professional Corporate
- - 14 days -
1 month
- USD 19 USD 99 -
3 месяца
- USD 54 USD 270 -
6 месяцев
- USD 105 USD 459 -
1 year
Free USD 199 USD 759 USD 4 500
Non-profit discount
Plan Starter Personal Professional Corporate
Users number
Number of users with separate login
1 1 1 20
Surveys number
Maximum quantity of surveys per account
5 10
Questions quantity
Number of questions per survey
10 / survey
Responses quantity (respondents)
Maximum number of responses allowed for a single survey.
100 per survey 1 000 per survey 20 000 per month 100 000 per month
Ads displayed to respondent after survey completed
Support Starter Personal Professional Corporate
Email support
24 x 7 24 x 7 24 x 7 24 x 7
Phone support
Customization Starter Personal Professional Corporate
Survey themes
Choose between several prepared survey layouts. Section 508 compliant
Survey templates
Prepared survey templates covering all PERSONAL tasks, such as evaluating customer satisfaction, website visitor feedback, etc.
Survey Logo
Add your own logo to the survey header.
Disable "Survey powered by CreateSurvey"
Enable or disable appearance of "Survey powered by CreateSurvey" on your surveys
Question Types Starter Personal Professional Corporate
Drop-down list - single answer
A single item can be selected a list of response options, each of which is displayed on the page in a drop-down list, (useful for large lists such as list of countries)
Multiple choice - single answer
A single item can be selected from a list of response options, all of which are displayed on the page as a group of radio buttons, (useful for small lists like gender, age-group, etc).
Multiple choice - multiple answer
Multiple items can be selected a list of response options, all of which are displayed on the page with a check-boxes.
Single input line, (open question)
A single line of text can be entered, and responses can be validated using a template. Useful for entering details such as email, phone numbers, and so on.
Edit box (open question)
Several lines of text can be entered into a box, (e.g. comment, opinion, address)
Text comment
Textual comments that can be added between questions for explanatory purposes, to display survey instructions and so on.
HTML code
Choose between answers to multiple questions grouped into a table - response options may be either checkboxes or groups of radio buttons. (This type of question is useful for getting responses in relation to complex issues, such as levels of satisfaction with different products, and so on).
Tablex, (3D matrix)
This format combines different question types into a single table.
Question Options Starter Personal Professional Corporate
"Other" field
This allows the respondent to enter their own answer, (open-ended response type), e.g. "Other, please specify:"
Random order of response choices
This allows to set a random order of question's response options for each respondent
Limit number of selected choices
Set minimum, maximum or exact number of response options to be selected
Question disabling
With Multiple Choice questions a blocker response option may be selected which will disable all other options.
Mandatory questions
Marking question as required for answer by the respondent, (such questions are marked by a red asterisk). The respondent will not be able to submit the survey unless all the required questions have been answered.
Adjustable column size
The column width for matrix and tablex questions is adjusted automatically, however you do have the option of setting a specified width in order to fine tune the layout.
Survey Design Starter Personal Professional Corporate
Create survey from scratch
Create your own surveys without using templates - in this case, a blank survey will be created
Survey Copy
Copy and edit previously created surveys.
Use multiple pages
Split large surveys into several pages, (for convenience or logical grouping).
Survey branching
Ability to skip a survey page depending upon the respondent's answer to previous questions.
Skip Logic
Allows certain questions to be skipped depending on the respondent's answer to previous questions
Add images and photos to survey.
Add YouTube and other video clips to your survey
Advanced formatting
Format the survey using fonts, styles, headings, and more
HTML support
Ability to use HTML tags to format the survey text layout
Non-English language support
Personal questions library
Use built-in library of common questions like rating scales, country lists, assortments, etc, and create library sets of your own.
Survey Management Starter Personal Professional Corporate
Limit the number of responses
Set the number of responses you need, and upon reaching the specified amount, the survey is closed
Stop survey on a specified date
Set date and time with adjustable time zone to end the survey at a specific time.
Set a time limit for the filling out of the questionnaire. It is possible to start the timer on a specified page.
Save and submit response later
Ability for respondent to save a partial response and continue later. Extremely useful for long questionnaires.
Rename survey form buttons
Change "Next", "Back", "Submit", "Submit Later" button text to alternative text, or translate into another language
Progress Bar
Turn on survey progress indicator, both graphic and text versions are available.
Post-response actions Starter Personal Professional Corporate
Custom "Thank you!" page
Set custom text to be displayed to the respondent upon survey submission.
Respondent redirection
Redirect the respondent to a custom URL once the survey is completed, (usually your home page).
Email notification
Get notified of the responses by email
Conditional email notification
Get notified of the responses which meet condition, (e.g. answer to question A equals B then send notification).
Survey Deployment Starter Personal Professional Corporate
Web link
Obtain the unique survey URL to email out to the respondent sample or publish to the web
Secure access (HTTPS)
Use of HTTPS protocol to access account and submit surveys.
Facebook andВ Twitter
Publish your survey on Facebook or Twitter with a single click
Survey HTML code availability
Obtain the HTML code for the survey ready to embed into your website to create a standalone survey page.
Sending out survey invitations
Send out invitations to participate in the survey employing the CreateSurvey mailing engine.
Sending out follow-ups
Send out follow-ups or reminders to those who ignored the original invitation.
Custom survey invitations
Use custom text in the invitation message.
Editing survey after deployment
Ability to correct misspellings and typos even if the survey is running
Password protected surveys
Give a password to your focus group so that casual or unwanted surfers cannot enter the survey.
Notification of survey completion by email
You get an email in your inbox each time a new respondent completes the survey.
Reporting Starter Personal Professional Corporate
Online graphic reports
View summary reports with graphs.
Online detailed reports
View a detailed report on each participant
Real-time reports
All reports are real-time and reflect all the submitted responses
Custom reports
Reports with multiple user-defined conditional filters and layout options. Can be saved for further reuse and sharing.
Raw data download (Excel, SPSS, CSV)
Download your survey reports for offline viewing and/or processing
Cross-tabulated reports
Download your survey reports in the cross-tabulation format
Filtering reports by date
See survey reports filtered by date (starting and ending points)
Exclude questions from report
Create reports with excluded responses to particular questions
Report sharing
Ability to share a report. Private password-protected sharing and public sharing options available, by default reports accessible by account holder only.

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