Create Survey Software Features: Detailed List

System Requirements
Security and Privacy
Survey Management
Survey Design
Survey Content Types
Survey Publishing
Additional Services

Additional Services

Каждый размещаемый в сети Интернет анкетный опрос призван, в силу своих задач, охватить наибольшее количество представителей целевой группы. Вот почему онлайн опросы, созданные в системе Create Survey адаптированы под возможности самой широкой аудитории, и для того чтобы создать опрос или поучаствовать в нём достаточно подключения к Интернету и наличия на компьютере обычного браузера.

Политика безопасности Create Survey делает Интернет опросы конфиденциальными (например, можно произвести исключение отдельных вопросов из общедоступной статистики), для работы с собранными данными каждый автор онлайн анкеты или опроса получает доступ через пароль. Онлайн опросы, создаваемые в системе Create Survey удобны тем, что позволяют осуществлять вход сразу для нескольких пользователей, копировать анкеты, использовать шаблоны для более оперативной работы.

Преимущества Create Survey очевидны для всех, кто желает заказать и разместить Интернет-опросы, провести онлайн анкетирование. Во-первых, это качественная разработка анкет, создание онлайн опросов – удобных, эффективных и разнообразных по своей структуре. Во-вторых, удобство и оперативность размещения, а так же широкий выбор способов пересылки или отображения данных для их дальнейшей обработки, формирование отчётов. Кроме того, существует система скидок для некоммерческих организаций (например, проводящих общественные опросы) и возможность бесплатной кратковременной подписки.

System requirements to create a survey (authors)

Internet connection, web browserIf you are able to read this page, you can use Create Survey. No software to install, no plugins to download
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System requirements to fill out a survey (respondents)

Internet connection, web browser
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Security and privacy

Password-protected account
Password-protected surveysThe survey password is embedded into the survey URL, so respondents do not have to type it in
HTTPS access for account managementManage surveys and view reports securely
HTTPS access for survey pagesGather data securely
Read privacy policy
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Survey management

Multiple usersThe account can be accessed by several persons using the same login and password. While users can simultaneously work on their surveys and view results for other surveys in the account, it is not recommended to edit the same survey by different users
Unlimited number of surveys per account
Clone surveyThis feature allows to create survey templates and backups
Export to XMLSave the survey offline
Import from XMLLoad a previously exported survey
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Survey design

Number of responses per survey - UnlimitedCreate Survey is one of few services that does not charge for the number of responses
Number of questions per survey - Unlimited
Optional questions numberingQuestion numbering can be turned off in order to allow custom numbers
Support for various languages (including Unicode and UTF-8)Define the language (codepage) of the survey to display it properly
Custom imagesAdd logos, animated images, illustrations, photos to the survey
Custom text commentsAdd headings, comment questions. HTML can be used
Library with predefined answerse.g. country list, states, yes/no, and so on
Personal libraryCreate and keep your own answer sets
Multi-page surveysSplit large surveys into pages for easy navigation
Branching Branching allows you to redirect the participant to various questions or pages based on his/her response to a previous question or set of questions
Edit survey after publishing
See samples
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Survey Content Types


Text commentsUse text comments to create survey Headings, question descriptions, or anything else using the power of HTML
Single text line Your name:
Multiple text lines Your opinion about CreateSurvey:
Single choice (radio buttons) Did you ever use surveys?
Single choice (drop-down box) Rate our service:
Multiple choices What CreateSurvey features are you satisfied with?
Survey Management
Survey Layout
Matrix questions Single choice for each row:
Website navigation

Multiple choices for each row:
This yearNext yearPast year
Car purchase
House purchase
Custom question typesSee sample survey
See more samples
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Survey publishing and response handling

No need to have a web siteSurveys are hosted at
Embed to your own web siteHTML code of the survey is available, so you can put it on your web site
Redirect after submissionRedirect respondents to a specified URL after they submit the survey
E-mail notificationGet e-mail notifications for each response entered
Customize e-mail notificationCustomize notification's from/subject fields with an answer data - convenient to use the survey as a web contact form
Optional restriction against repeated submissions from the same respondent
Different skinsYou can choose different skins to display the survey
Pause surveyMake the survey inactive (unavailable for submission)
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Ready survey templatesUse survey templates covering all standard tasks, such as evaluating customer satisfaction, website visitor feedback, etc.
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Real-time online summary stats
Browsing the list of responses
Ability to delete individual responses
Survey activity graph for the last 30 days
Downloadable statsUse downloaded stats for offline analysis in software applications (such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS). Four layouts provided. Comma-separated (CSV) format
Restrict/permit public access to the stats
Exclude particular questions from public statsUseful to remove respondents' personal data from the stats you want to be publically available
Include survey's text comments to the stats
See samples
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No "per response" fee, no hidden feesWe charge for the subscription period only
Discounts for non-profit useIf you want to run a survey for an educational or non-commercial research - contact us to get a great discount
Discounts for longer subscriptions
FREE subscriptionThe feature is time-limited, free subscription is available for short-time surveys
Click here for pricing options
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Additional Services

Survey setup and migrationWe can setup an online survey from the source you provide (text, Adobe PDF files, scanned documents, and so on)
Custom survey designIf you are not satisfied with Create Survey's default skins or the survey appearance, we can build a customized version of your survey
Server software licensingCreateSurvey's server software is available for licensing. Contact us for details
Read more about additional services